Wow its April!

Does anyone else feel like the year is whizzing past at amazing speed…..
With the pace of life getting faster and faster for a lot of people it’s even more important to take time out to breathe. I know most people have on occasion been so busy that they can switch to auto pilot and actually miss moments in time, instead focusing on what they think is the ultimate goal.

How do we actually live while striving to achieve all on our plate …. Take time to Breathe.

  • Take time to be in the moment whatever moment it is….
  • Find something to appreciate at regular intervals during the day……
  • Smile and share a moment with someone else…….
  • Do something that lights up your heart, watch sunrise /sunset, spend time with loved one, enjoy your favorite drink with magazine, go for a walk/run/skip/ride, take time to let someone know you care …. (yoga is always a great way to spoil yourself also)

It has been said so many different ways and so many times but I still love it;

Does anyone after a crazy morning getting kids organized for school watch them walk to bus or in the school yard or ride away after kissing them good bye and just watch with amazement (probably that they are still alive after the crazy morning)? Wow I love them sooo much !!!!!! I love that little moment Xo

One Day the little things will be the big things……..Stop and enjoy the little things so you can remember them.

First term is nearly at a completion and there are lots of exciting things going on in all aspects of my life.

Firstly a big congratulations to two amazing young women that have put themselves out there and completed the Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher Training this month Tomasina Ventre and Cassie Madill. You will see these enthusiastic faces popping up in our feed and in studio running classes for our junior community.


Utthan Pristhasana (OOT-ahn preesth- AHS – anna), also known as the Lizard Pose, is a mild versatile exercise that strengthens the groin and inner hamstrings while preparing the body for deeper hip openers. During each exercise, make sure to maintain a focus on your breathing.
TIPS: This intense hip opener stretches the hips and groin. While this can help with relief from discomfort and prevent strain, exercise caution. Go slowly and don’t push your body beyond its limits.
  • Opens the hips, hamstrings, groins and hip flexors
  • Strengthens the inner thigh muscles on the front leg
  • Opens and releases the chest, shoulders and neck
  • Prepares the body for deeper hip openers such as Pigeon Pose and Hanuman Pose